Yes, You Can Advertise on

Background Information is a website that is built around the Lacrosse Community. Within that user base we actually reach 2 coveted demographics. One is comprised of players and fans themselves. The other is of their parents. Both trend strongly toward the suburban, affluent, well educated consumer. offers the best of both worlds to potential advertisers: Broad reach and niche appeal.

Advertising Opportunities:

Standard Display Advertising (Banners etc). offers all the standard sizes for placement of your Ads, from leaderboard banners and  skyscrapers, down to microbuttons.

Custom Promotion:
In addition to standard banner advertising we can work together to  set your business apart. We’d love to talk about unique and creative ways to weave your message in to the fabric of Maybe a dedicated section of the site “sponsored” by your business would be a good fit, or a new feature of the website “powered by” your company makes sense. There are a ton of possibilities.  As a young and creative company, we’re not limited by the shape of the cookie cutter.

We Offer Custom Creative Services
Already have creative content ready to plug into the site? Great. Need to tweak a banner ad based on your existing look and feel? We can do it for you. Never done a stitch of advertising before and need to start from scratch? We can hook you up.

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