Buy with Confidence

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE provides a platform for third-party sellers and buyers to negotiate and complete transactions. is not involved in the actual transaction between the various parties and is not the agent and has no authority for either for any purpose. A seller may list any item on the site but each listing will be screened by our staff before it will be published. You may not list any item or post any related material that infringes upon third-party intellectual property rights. Additionally, any comments or images that constitutes libel or slander or in any way, defamatory, are prohibited. Lastly, no item may be posted if it is counterfeited, stolen, fraudulent or was obtained in an illegal manner.

As is an unbiased party in any transaction it will do its best at protecting both buyer and seller throughout the process However, Swagyard does not guarantee that in the event of a dispute that either party will be made whole. In order to facilitate each transaction (and justify our existence) Swagyard will:

1. Administer a website that will organize items for sale in an orderly fashion.
2. Monitor all transactions and payments in accordance with Transaction Details and Guidelines.
3. Allow for the use of credit cards and paypal and the site will pay all associated fees.
4. Provide protection to the buyer by implementing a 10-day holding period. (See Transaction Details and Guidelines)
5. Provide protection to the seller by collecting payment upon order confirmation.