How do sellers get paid at swagyard.com?

Sellers get paid through a PayPal account.  This is required to be a seller on swagyard.com.  Proceeds from a sale, less a 10% commission, will be transferred to the sellers PayPay account two weeks after shipping is confirmed.

Is there a fee to sell items on swagyard.com?

The is no fee to post items for sale on swagyard.com.  However, if an items sells, swagyward will collect at 10% commission on the selling price.

Do I need to create an account to visit swagyard.com?

No, you do not need an account to visit swagyard.com.  An account is only required if you would like to buy, sell, post, or  upload content on our site.

What happens if a seller does not ship my item or I am unhappy with my purchase?

Swagyard.com is simply a forum for uniting buyers and sellers.  We are not responsible for transactions that take place.  However, we do our best to provide a safe environment by with holding buyers funds for two weeks before releasing them to the seller to ensure that items are shipped and arrive in satisfactory condition.   Sellers are responsible for shipping within 3 business days.  If your item has not arrived after 10 days, please email us at swaggerjacked.com.