How to Be a Successful Seller

Below are some guidelines for becoming a successful seller on  Following these guidelines will enable us to get your items posted in a timely manor.  Please read them carefully.

Provide an Accurate Description

Just like your high school English teacher, we want you to provide as much detail as possible.   Create an enticing title, and provide an accurate and honest description.  Be sure to include the following:

Condition of your item: new, like new, gently used, used, etc.



Pockets/No Pockets (if applicable)

Number (if applicable)

Any other information (including flaws) that will educate the buyer.

Great Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words so take great photos.  The better the quality, the easier it will be to sell your product.

Pictures must be .jpeg format.  DO NOT copy/paste a photo directly from IPhoto.  That format will not be accepted.

Show your product from several angles.  Two pictures (front and back) are ideal.

Submit clear, well lit photos.

We recommend taking pictures of your items on a white background (white poster board or white pillow case).

Try to avoid taking pictures while holding the item.

Try to avoid as much background images as possible.

Post in the Right Category

Take the time to ensure that you post your item in the right category.  Buyers will not be able to find your items if they end up in the wrong category.

Launder Your Items

Please make sure all apparel items have been properly laundered, and are free of stains and odor.   Please do not post items that are not odor-free.


Educate yourself on shipping costs.  Do not forget to factor in the cost of shipping supplies, like boxes.  The United States Postal Service provides free boxes and mailing envelopes in a variety of sizes.  However, some items may require larger boxes which the seller may have to purchase.  Once a sale is confirmed, you are not able to go back to the buyer with additional shipping charges.