How to Sell Stuff



While there is no fee to post an item for sale on, we collect a 10% commission for all sales. will pay all credit card/PayPal transaction fees and there will be no additional charge to the SELLER.


Once you have posted an item for sale, the post needs to be approved by SwagYard. Therefore, there will be a lag between when you submit your posting and when it goes live on the website. We do our best to clear posts as quickly as possible. However, it you are a night owl, do not expect to see your post go live until the following day.


SELLER must confirm shipping to SwagYard and BUYER within three business days. If the SELLER does not confirm shipment, SwagYard will cancel the transaction and the money will be refunded to BUYER. Timely shipping will improve your seller rating.

It is the responsibility of the SELLER to determine adequate shipping costs. Once a BUYER has purchased an item, the shipping price cannot be adjusted.

Payment to Seller:

Payment to SELLER will be released into their PayPal account 10 days after the SELLER has confirmed shipment. The 10 day grace period allows sufficient time for the BUYER to receive their item and ensure that it is in satisfactory condition.